Appaegis Zero Trust SSH with Vault on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform

All organizations today rely on a mix of internal applications, cloud native applications, and SaaS to support their workforce. The recent shift to a remote work model has exacerbated the need for secure access – ready to be implemented now – but finding simple solutions without compromising data security can be challenging. Comprehensive data security implementations require seamless integrations with industry leading technologies.

I am very pleased to share news about Appaegis' partnership with HashiCorp,leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. The Appaegis Zero Trust Isolation Access Cloud (IAC) integration with Vault on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) is a key integration for quickly securing applications, access, and data for day zero readiness. The partnership with HashiCorp represents Appaegis’ growth as the next generation secure application and data access solution.

It is a priority at Appaegis to validate that our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Zero Trust solution blends effortlessly with complementary technologies. Our goal is to enable customers to achieve the full potential of a SASE solution and implement Zero Trust, regardless of their architecture, platforms, or existing portfolio of systems.

Asvin Ramesh, Sr. Director, Technology Partners, of HashiCorp explains, “Organizations large and small are struggling to onboard and implement modern cloud security solutions as fast as possible. Appaegis Zero-Trust Isolation Access Cloud has been validated with HCP Vault to consolidate identity, access and credential management thus allowing customers to gain visibility, control and ease of management delivering zero-day protection using Zero Trust on day zero.”

HCP Vault, the best-in-class security automation platform, is a HashiCorp-managed service for secrets management and data encryption. With both the open source and enterprise versions, HCP Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data. A crucial security feature for HCP Vault is secure user credentials management. With Appaegis, this includes privileged accounts for customers’ internal databases, servers, and applications.

Appaegis provides the most secure agentless Zero Trust access solution to connect authorized users and devices to enterprise applications. Instead of focusing exclusively on preventing breaches, Appaegis integrates identity verification throughout the environment. This approach allows us to protect sensitive data by requiring authorization to access all cloud applications.

It is important to know who and what is connecting to business networks at all times. Appaegis offers complete visibility into every interaction between end points and applications, controls access to applications, and identifies abnormal or anomalous transactions by leveraging its differentiated isolation technology.

It couldn’t be simpler. Appaegis enables agentless access to SSH servers anywhere with HCP Vault without the complexity of network reconfiguration or VPN tunneling. Its integration uses the SSH secrets engine located in a customer’s HCP Vault instance for dynamic provisioning in their service. Our highly secure Zero Trust approach provides centrally managed access across all common IT systems, and limits access to only specific authorized users, devices, or applications – adhering to the “least privilege access” principle.


To adhere to this notion of least access privilege, policies defined by the business and the context of access request are used to make real time access decisions. Such access permissions from devices to business-critical systems and applications should always be tightly controlled. By unifying identity credentials and monitoring access to the applications, enterprises benefit from a reduced attack surface. Customers’ Vault instances become completely invisible from an end user perspective.

Our cloud native solution fits into any organization’s SASE framework, integrates with existing workflows and security infrastructure, and is agnostic to the types of applications or endpoints. Using a solution not reliant on a single network topology or specific infrastructure platform ensures interoperability in a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environment.

Single sign-on (SSO) technologies, combined with cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) identity, and a consistent Zero Trust policy controls the ability to access sensitive data. Since our Zero Trust solution is inline, you gain complete visibility into every interaction between users and applications.

This is just the beginning for Appaegis. I’m looking forward to all we can do together to protect sensitive data in a modern cloud security world.

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